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Lolland Municipality as a workplace

Lolland Municipality is working every day to create sustainable development in one of Denmark's most beautiful countrysides

Every day, our 3,500 employees provide professional public service to approx. 42,000 citizens. At the same time, we are preparing for a future, where we need to find better and cheaper ways to solve welfare tasks focusing on new technology, innovation, prevention and digitization.

Our employees contribute to development, and they help to create a workplace characterized by dialogue, openness and innovation.

We emphasize skills, new ways of working and career opportunities for all our employees.

We believe that the skills and job satisfaction of our employees are essential to create the solutions that make Lolland a great place to live, work and run a business – now and in the future. Do you want to join us and help unfolding our values in practise?

See all our vacancies – maybe you will find your new job.

For further information about Lolland Municipality as a workplace, see the section describing our values. 

See all our vacancies vacancies – maybe you will find your new job.

For further information about Lolland Municipality as a workplace, see the section describing our values

Meet the employees

What do the employees say about working in the Municipality of Lolland

Working in the Municipality of Lolland and at Nakskov harbour provides an alternating working day. Contact to customers, a workplace close to the maritime and not at least corporation with good colleagues in the Municipality of Lolland.
Tummas Juul
Port master at Nakskov Harbor
I have many interesting assignments as an administration student in the Municipality of Lolland, and I have developed as well personally as professionally, while I have been here.
Josefine Krøyer
Student of administration at HR, IT and Digitization
Perhaps we are good at collaborating across the organization and different professions and dare to go new ways because of the basic conditions of the municipality. It is certainly both fun and challenging to work with talented colleagues and managers throughout the municipality. I find that everyone is sincerely concerned about collaborating on solutions for - and with – the citizens.
Line Mørkegaard
Consultant at Children, Youth and Family


Get an overview of the organization, directors and managers

The Municipality of Lolland consists of the following units: Children, Youth and Family, Engineering and Environment, Schools and Day Care and so on. Click below, learn more about the units, and meet the directors and senior managers.

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Politics and strategies

Read the politics and strategies of Lolland Municipality

Read about the overall visions and objectives of Lolland Municipality. Follow the link down under for a complete overview of all our policies and strategies. They provide the framework of our daily political and administrative work, , and they have all been dealt with and adopted by the Lolland City Council or one of the Standing Committees.

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Our values

Values are what link us together

Lolland Municipality is a value-based organization. Values are important to us, because we do not believe that rules, procedures and guidelines solve everything, our values give managers and employees a common framework and a cultural community, no matter from which corner or level of organization you are located. Read more about the core values that link us together.

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Job Opportunities

Find your job opportunities at Lolland Municipality

We continuously offer a lot of exciting job opportunities across the organization. View all our vacancies and read more about your job opportunities in Lolland Municipality.

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