Our values

Values are what link us together

Values in Lolland Municipality

An organization in change requires freedom of movement and space to act. The organization must have the necessary freedom and obligation to assess and act according to needs in the specific situation, if contractual and statutory conditions is not defining it.

Activism is better than 'let go'. Action based on values work.

All managers have a special responsibility for realizing common values and acting as a role model through daily speech and action, setting direction and creating the necessary acting and impact in the organization.

Courage, risk-taking and ability to act are crucial features of the management Lolland Municipality calls on.

The Executive Board and the Cooperation Committee have agreed that the value set, formed back in 2007, remains relevant and describes the way we want to be an organization.

The general values are those that the organization stands on - managers as well as employees.


Competence is a value because we emphasize the action and development-oriented, driven by quality and professionalism.

Being competent involves applying one's professionalism to the benefit of the common goals, the common direction and it is together we will be good.

We attach great importance to the fact that managers and employees have a look for the whole and the cohesion across sectors and decentralized units.


Confidence we build together, when we have an honest and equal communication about the challenges and opportunities that surround us.

We have a common responsibility for having a good dialogue, and for ensuring a high level of information that ensures transparency and can support that we make decisions on a well-known and well-founded basis.


The fact that daily cooperation is open means that we listen to each other's views in respect of our different roles.

We cooperate, involve each other, and are available for dialogue.

It creates commitment and a shared sense of responsibility in everyday life.


When fairness (decency) is a value to us, it is because we want a leadership that is honest and knowledgeable on professionalism and accountability. A style implies that what we say is what we do.

There is a connection between words and action.

It also means that we try to organize the work so resources align with the tasks.

"The values are what link us together - and provide managers and employees with a common framework and cultural community, regardless of corner or level of the organization."

The Executive Board and HovedMED in Lolland Municipality

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